The antics of Vancouver's most controversial crow appear to be ruffling feathers again.

Just days after being blamed for an attack on a Canada Post courier, the polarizing figure known as Canuck the crow faces further accusations.

Customers at an East Vancouver McDonald’s got a bit of a surprise with their fries on Sunday, when they were visited by the feathered felon. Many enjoyed the fly-by, but others felt they were under attack.

Video posted online by a YouTube user who goes by "iyamwriter" shows the East Van fixture inside the fast food joint he's known to frequent. The bird perches on a divider between tables, looking around at the faces staring back. A woman inside the East Hastings Street eatery tries to shoo Canuck using a napkin, then turns her back.

Canuck can be seen defecating on his makeshift perch, before flying at the table where the woman has her back turned. The table's occupants kick the bird away with their feet. Later on, Canuck flies onto another table, and appears to be helping himself to a woman's food.

She grabs the bird's tail, lifts him into the air and moves him around as he squawks. She asked for someone to help her to take the bird outside, the man who shot the video said. 

A McDonald’s employee approaches with a piece of cheese, and tries to entice the bird to head for the door.

The man who shot the video told CTV News that the bird flew in when someone opened the door, and stayed inside for between five and 10 minutes. While some were upset, he didn't see Canuck attack anyone.

Another video posted a few days ago shows the unwelcome guest in the same McDonald's, being carried out of the restaurant on a tray held by an employee.

The bird's caretaker, Shawn Bergman, said he's seen the video, and that Canuck is well-known to many in the area

"The McDonald’s staff there are quite used to him, the majority of customers are quite used to him – the regulars anyway," Bergman said.

He advised that those in an indoor encounter try to escort the crow outside gently, using a piece of food as a bribe if possible.

It's not the first time the "caw"nvict, with his distinctive red leg band, has been in trouble at the McDonald’s franchise. Canuck descended on a crime scene in the parking lot of the same eatery last May, making off with a knife that a suspect allegedly used while charging police. 

While many love the avian antics – so much so that he has a large social media following, and was the subject of an art show last summer -- others see the bird as a bit of a menace.

The same crow has been accused of other attacks in the area of Hastings and Cassiar streets, including one that occurred recently involving a Canada Post worker. Bergman said the postal worker was bitten a few times, and that some of the bites caused bleeding.

Mail hasn't been delivered in the area for "quite some time," he said, offering up training and an umbrella to the worker, should the individual decide to come back.

Bergman said he worries for Canuck's safety at times, especially watching the behaviour of the woman in the McDonald’s video.

"It does give me some concern. All I can really hope for is that he runs into the right types of people," he said.

The crow was injured earlier this year when he was hit by a linesman during a soccer tournament at Adanac Park.  Bergman said the bird was hit over the head with a lines flag, and was unconscious for about 15 minutes.

With a report from CTV Vancouver's Maria Weisgarber