A famous local crow is receiving veterinary care after it was allegedly struck on purpose at a recreational soccer game in East Vancouver.

Canuck the Crow was hit by a linesman during a tournament at Adanac Park on Saturday, according to Shawn Bergman, a local man who runs a social media page dedicated to the bird.

"Canuck was blindsided by a gentleman holding a lines flag," Bergman said in a Facebook video.

"He apparently walked by and just cracked Canuck in the head with the flag and Canuck was rendered unconscious for 10 to 15 minutes."

Bergman, who describes himself as sharing a special bond with the crow, wasn't at the game but said he spoke with a witness after the fact.

After regaining consciousness, Canuck flew away from the park and was missing for several hours before Bergman located the bird, which he described as being in a dazed state.

Canuck was later taken to a vet, where it remained Sunday night.

The soccer tournament was held by the Italian Canadian Sports Federation, which released a statement over the weekend saying the incident was under investigation.

"The person involved in this incident was not a member of ICSF and was not employed or directed by ICSF," it said. "ICSF does not condone violence of any kind against animals."

The linesmen and women at the tournament were volunteers who were provided by the teams involved, according to the federation.

Canuck has become something of a neighbourhood mascot in East Vancouver, and Bergman's Facebook page for the crow has more than 41,000 followers.

His photos of Canuck were once featured in an art gallery exhibit, the proceeds for which were shared with a Metro Vancouver bird sanctuary.