Monday, June 26 update: At it again? Canuck the crow accused in incident at East Vancouver McDonald's

A playful crow that's a fixture in an East Vancouver neighbourhood has attacked a mail carrier—stopping mail from being delivered to residents of the street.

Canuck the crow is a local celebrity of sorts. He's recognizable by his red leg band and is known for his bold antics—from hopping on the SkyTrain to snatching a knife from a crime scene last year.

But Canuck's latest exploit has its caretaker, Shawn Bergman, concerned for the bird's safety.

"My neighbours are upset that their mail is not getting delivered—and [there have been] not so subtle and some subtle threats against Canuck's safety," Bergman told CTV News.

Canuck has a huge social media following, and fans even rallied around the bird when it was attacked with a flagpole at a soccer game. Canuck isn't technically a pet, but he spends time with Bergman during the day and then flies with other crows at night.

Like other crows, Canuck is focused on protecting its nest this time of year. That's likely why the altercation occurred.

Bergman posted on Facebook that a mail carrier was bitten a few times. The bites caused broken skin and bleeding. Mail hasn't been delivered to Bergman's street for "quite some time," he said.

Neighbours CTV spoke to, however, harboured no ill will against Canuck.

"I never see him attacking anything," one resident said. "It's always trying to say hi and he goes close to my dogs… I never had any bad experience with it."

Canada Post did not respond to a request for comment.

Bergman says he cannot control the bird's behaviour. But he says he will do whatever he can to work with Canada Post—even providing a mail carrier with training or an umbrella to keep Canuck at bay.

With a report from CTV Vancouver's Julie Nolin.