Most Canadians surveyed choose Vancouver as the "nicest city" in the country, but the high rank is credited to vast support from local residents, according to a poll released Wednesday.

The finding is part of a Leger Marketing poll conducted on behalf of the Association for Canadian Studies. The study aimed to identify the city that Canadians considered the "nicest," which researchers graded based on aesthetics and physical beauty rather than livability factors.

Vancouverites overwhelmingly chose their city over others with 95-per-cent support, helping boost their hometown's ranking in this national classification.

But Vancouver was the choice of many outside the city too. More Calgarians put their city behind Vancouver when asked to rank and one in five in Toronto picked Vancouver first.

Quebec City was selected in second place with one in five Canadians making it their first choice, while Ottawa landed the third spot.

The online survey was carried out among 1, 5000 Canadians during the week of June 20, 2011.

Researchers note that being the "nicest" city doesn't imply that Vancouver is the most livable place in Canada.

A follow up on the findings from this study, which will explore the cities' economy, culture and livability, would likely show a different ranking for Vancouver when it is conducted in July, the study's authors said.

However, Vancouverites don't seem to be showing their "nicest" side when behind the wheels.

Another survey shows that courtesy on the road has declined in Vancouver in the last five years.

Half of B.C. drivers surveyed believe that drivers in their community have become less courteous, according to an Ipsos Reid poll conducted for ICBC and released on Tuesday.

The online survey, conducted among 899 adult British Columbia drivers, also indicates that many British Columbians think that they personally are more courteous than other drivers on the road.