Vancouver rocker Bif Naked is throwing her support behind a federal bill to ban the sale and import of cat and dog fur in Canada.

The Juno Award-winning singer says most Canadians are unaware that nearly two million cats and dogs are slaughtered for their fur each year and she's calling for its use to be immediately banned.

"It's shocking. Canadians have the right to know," she told CTV's Canada AM Monday morning.

The unlabelled fur is used to make trim on coats, hats, figurines and toys.

The singer says lax labeling requirements by Canada's Canadian Textile Act means consumers are largely left in the dark as to what kind of fur, or even faux fur, is on their clothes.

"There is no label required on fur products, so you don't know if dog or cat fur is used to make it," she said.

The singer recently wrote an open letter to the government on behalf of an animal rights group, Fur-Bearer Defenders, to show her support for Bill C-439, introduced by Winnipeg MP Anita Neville.

The letter demands cat and dog fur be added to Canada's Hazardous Product Act.

The sale of cat and dog fur is already banned in the United States and European Union.

Canada's former trade minister, David Emerson, has said a ban could undermine the country's exports of seal products.