Workers at Vancouver's new $883 million convention centre spent much of Tuesday mopping up after an early fall storm caused a water leak in a newly opened corridor.

The leak opened up in the ceiling in the walkway that connects the centre to nearby Canada Place during Tuesday's heavy rains downtown.

A deluge hit the downtown core for several hours midday, causing storm drains to back up on many streets.

Environment Canada reported Vancouver Harbour received 36.8 millimetres of rain between 10 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.

This isn't the first time the new convention centre has had water problems.

In April, a burst pipe flooded two floors of the building, sending water gushing onto 5,000 square feet of carpet and forcing 1,000 visiting delegates from a Public Service Alliance conference out on the street.

The PSAC convention was supposed to be the second-ever event at the new conference facility.

The Vancouver Convention Centre opened last spring with a price tag of nearly $900 million. The mammoth building sitting on Vancouver's waterfront will serve as the international press centre and broadcast facility during the upcoming 2010 Winter Games.