Rates for monthly transit passes in Vancouver will be hiked by about 11 per cent next month, when all of TransLink's pre-paid fares are set to increase.

Prices for TransLink's FareSaver tickets, monthly transit passes and employer passes will all go up beginning April 1. Single-ride cash fares will not be affected.

Under the new pricing scheme, monthly one-zone passes will increase from $73 to $81, two-zone from $99 to $110, and three-zone from $136 to $151.

For a complete list of price increases, click here.

In a statement, TransLink CEO Ian Jarvis said that the fare increases were meant to cover a $130-million annual increase in revenue required under the current budget.

"Given that our biggest challenge was to preserve the expanded transit service levels, an increase in transit fares was considered a reasonable way to share the cost equitably between everyone contributing toward the additional revenue," Jarvis said.

TransLink predicts that the fare increases will bring in about $18 million per year.