The Victoria Police Department has issued an apology following reports that an officer ticketed a veteran driving in a procession for Pvt. Steven Allen on Remembrance Day.

Allen was killed during a military training exercise at an Alta. base earlier this month, and the 20-year-old’s body was flown to Victoria International Airport on Nov. 11.

While his remains were being driven to a local funeral home, a police officer allegedly pulled over a veteran in the procession and ticketed her $230 for an obstructed licence plate.

The woman told CTV News the incident left her "in shock.”

“The procession was stopped at a red light at the time,” she said in an email. “You really couldn’t miss the hearse as well as the various motorcycle riders within the procession.”

The incident made international headlines and sparked outrage on social media, and on Tuesday Police Chief Frank Elsner apologized to Allen’s family for what happened.

“We had a long conversation. I met with them and I apologized if our actions made their situation even worse. I just felt terrible, I still feel terrible that that occurred,” Elsner said.

The Police Chief claims the procession had passed by before the ticket was issued. He also clarified that, contrary to some media reports, it was not a funeral procession. The funeral took place four days later, on Nov. 15.

The fact that the ticket was issued on Remembrance Day, and that the incident was so widely reported still warranted an apology, Elsner added.

“Social media took off with it and it impacted the family,” he said. “I wish it hadn’t occurred.”

The woman ticketed told CTV News she’s pleased police have apologized to Allen’s family. She said her ticket was never the issue, and that she only ever wanted the officer to show compassion during an emotional day.

With a report from CTV Vancouver Island’s Yvonne Raymond