VANCOUVER - A Green party candidate was backed by a bit of star power Wednesday with the help of a B.C.-born actor.

Pamela Anderson was in Vancouver's Downtown Eastside during the day helping residents of the area register to vote.

"People have had some hard luck, and this seems to be another vulnerable community that really needs the services so they really need to vote," Anderson told CTV News.

"We really need to vote for people that are going to help these people… These are devastated communities and it's going to take the people to kind of rise up and feel good enough about themselves to register to vote and to feel like somebody cares."

Anderson and Vancouver East candidate Bridget Burns also gave out vegan meals.

In addition to registering voters, organizers of the event provided letters of residency for people to use as ID. Anderson said she was happy to help the cause, as voting is a form of empowerment.

The "Baywatch" star also made local headlines Monday when she penned a letter asking city officials in Port Moody to save a beloved park

The city plans to build a paved roadway through Bert Flinn Park, something those who support the project say is needed to fight congestion.

But Anderson wrote in her letter to Port Moody Mayor Rob Vagramov that she was saddened to learn the park was "at risk.

"Please consider the bears, coyotes, deer, frogs, birds and other animals who call the park home."