A new high tech vending machine is turning heads on a Vancouver college campus. Instead of a sugary orange pop, it’s offering up a glass of the real thing.

Langara College is now home to three Orangefresh juice vending machines, each stocked with 400 navel or Valencia oranges.

"It squeezes only the juice pulp in there, not the bitterness near the peel, so the juice is very, very different tasting," said Robert Tosoni, Orangefresh vending machine owner.

Eight to nine oranges are fresh squeezed into each 350 milliliter cup.

It's not cheap though, with each cup selling for $4.50 and you can only pay with a credit card.

"It's the price of a Starbucks and you get the same quantity, and this is all natural, all fresh, really good," said Tosoni.

The auto sealed cup stays fresh for 48 hours if refrigerated and the orange rinds are used for composting.

The vending machine is cleaned manually every day and also self sanitizes itself every 15 cups.

Three of these fresh juice machines have been installed on Langara’s campus and so far they appear to be a hit.

The distributor is hoping to have them in campuses right across Western Canada someday.