A stranded couple was pulled to safety in what was likely a life-saving helicopter rescue after their hike up a North Shore ridge took a frightening turn.

North Shore Rescue deployed two technicians attached to a 150-foot long line to rescue Laila Day and McKenzie Bull from an unmarked trail called The Needles Tuesday afternoon.

The couple called police for help after realizing they had become lost on the challenging trail.

“We were prepared with the regular stuff like crampons and good hiking boots, insulation, food; but it just got to the point where we knew that it wasn’t a good idea to try and take it on,” Day told CTV News. “Once the helicopter was there, that’s when we knew we were going to be fine.”

According to a local outdoor activity website, The Needles contains "several sections where folks with a fear of heights will feel uncomfortable" and is rated a 5/5 for level of difficulty.

The steep ridge lies between Lynn and Seymour Rivers in North Vancouver.

“I’m glad the NSR was there to help, they were right on us really quickly and they were very professional about the whole thing,” McKenzie said.

Tim Jones of NSR called the operation a “high-tempo rescue” and without it, there’s a good chance the stranded hikers might not have made it down alive.

“It would’ve been a full alpine climbing expedition,” he said. “They were nowhere near equipped for that, they had no ropes or ice axes or anything that would have aided them in doing what they attempted to do.”

Jones said the couple clearly understood the danger they put themselves into after the fact – but because they may not have been familiar with the terrain, they didn’t know what they were getting into when embarking on the gruelling hike.

The young couple said they learned a tough lesson and will be better prepared – like bringing a sleeping bag and GPS – the next time they set out on a difficult trail.

“You really just have to be careful of what’s out there,” Bull said. “We got into a situation where we couldn’t get out of, so just know the land really.”

The pair fortunately escaped the incident without injuries.