With the news that U.S.-based retailer Target would close the doors to its 133 Canadian locations, a chorus of shoppers north of the border took to Twitter to voice their opinions about the failed expansion – and call for the return of another retailer that once held a foothold across the country.

While many expressed disappointment in Target leaving Canada, there wasn’t much surprise: Shoppers long complained about a lack of stock on store shelves, and the fact locations didn’t carry the same products as the U.S. locations.

A chorus of voices also sprang up calling for the return of Zellers, the stores that the U.S. retailer took over when it expanded into Canada just two years ago.

Target acquired the leaseholds for 189 Canadian Zellers locations in 2012, at a cost of just over $1.8-billion. Hudson’s Bay Company, the parent company of Zellers, said keeping the mass merchandise discount stores open wasn’t financially viable. It had been mulling closing the stores for almost a decade by the time Target made its offer.

While 133 of those Zellers stores were converted into Targets, the dozens of other remaining stores shuttered their operations – which left thousands out of work.

On Thursday, Twitter users speculated what would happen to those same retail locations now that another major retailer is closing up shop – saying its exit would leave a major hole in the Canadian retail landscape.

How do you feel about the closure of Canadian Target stores?  Would you want Zellers back?