The man charged with first degree murder in a horrifying blaze that burned down a building and killed nearly an entire family has been found guilty on five counts.

Nathan Fry faces life in prison with no chance of parole for 25 years for his role in a fire that was set at an East Vancouver townhouse in May of 2006, killing five people, including four members of the Etibako family.

The blaze killed Adela Etibako, three of her children and the girlfriend of her son, Bolingo, who survived by jumping out the window.

The Vancouver jury went out to deliberate on Friday. The jury at the B.C. Supreme Court returned from its deliberations Sunday.

Fry was found guilty on five counts of first-degree murder, and also found guilty on the attempted murder of Bolingo Etibako.

Last week, the court watched a videotape made by undercover police in which Fry said he used gasoline and a torch to set fire to the home.

Fry also told the court Bolingo Etibako was his best friend until he ratted Fry out to the police about an assault.

But Fry's lawyer said there are no witnesses, fingerprints, DNA or forensic evidence to link his client to the blaze.