A man charged with murdering his wife in front of their infant son has been found guilty of second-degree murder.

The five women and seven men on the jury told the judge at New Westminster Supreme Court that they believed Jatinder Waraich murdered his wife Navreet Waraich.

If the jury had accepted Jatinder's story -- that he blacked out before he stabbed her to death -- the jury would have rendered a verdict of manslaughter.

But the jury did appear to sympathize with Jatinder, telling the judge that they believed he should face the minimum length of time in prison before he gets a chance at parole.

Navreet's father, Dilbag Singh Gill, said that he accepted the decision.

"I am happy with that decision in my heart. It helps in healing the wounds," he said. 

During the nine-day trial, police recounted the gruesome discovery of Navreet's blood-stained body in October 2006.

She had been stabbed 39 times, and bled to death before she reached the hospital.

Jatinder Waraich was later charged with second-degree murder.

Two neighbours also testified that they heard screaming and yelling coming from the suite below.

They banged on the door of the adjoining suite, and when Jatinder opened it, they told the court they saw Navreet lying on the kitchen floor, covered in blood.

Jatinder told the court that Navreet had threatened to leave him and take their infant son Brambeer away. She also pledged to teach the child to spit on his family's name.

Jatinder wept in the prisoner's box on Wednesday, and told the court he was provoked into stabbing her. While testifying, he said he remembers stabbing her only once.

A second-degree murder verdict results in a life sentence with a chance of parole after a period from 10 to 25 years.

The jury recommended that Jatinder face only 10 years before he is eligible for parole. The judge will decide whether to accept the sentencing recommendations.