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Victoria Humane Society searching for new home after 'substantial' donation


A decade-old dream at the Victoria Humane Society (VHS) is closer to being realized thanks to a sizeable donation.

“We had an amazing donor who came forward and has donated a substantial amount of money, so it will allow us to purchase a property,” VHS executive director Penny Stone said.

The humane society isn’t sharing the exact amount of the donation or who it came from.

Since forming in 2013, the VHS has wanted to expand beyond its Saanich storefront.

“For 10 years, we’ve been looking for a space,” Stone said. “What we desperately need is a facility where we can take animals in, we can assess them, we can see what they’re like.”

The current facility on Glanford Avenue at Vanalman Avenue is used for spay and neuter clinics. Abandoned animals don’t stay there, instead staying with hundreds of foster families.

“To get them into the foster home, we need a place to bring them in to assess them, so we’re not putting them in the wrong foster home and setting them up for failure,” Stone said.

“Without that, unfortunately we’re having to say no to a lot of animals because we don’t know what they’re like.”

VHS volunteer Michelle Tinis with Mack, a nine-week old puppy. (CTV News)

VHS staff and volunteers are looking for a large property in the Greater Victoria area, where they can build a kennel and the neighbours won’t be too close. They’re hoping someone who owns or knows of an appropriate property will get in touch.

“(I’m) very excited for the future and the potential to help more animals,” VHS volunteer Michelle Tinis said.

“They’re coming in in batches of 50 or 60 animals per van [and] they’re coming in almost every month.”

One of those animals is Mack, an affectionate puppy who has undergone several surgeries.

“Mack says, ‘Please help us! Please help us find a property,’” Tinis said. Top Stories

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