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4 Scotch Whiskies to Know for Robbie Burns Day

Community Connection: Robbie Burns Day is a day to celebrate Scottish culture. Christopher Waters, wine and spirits expert, joined CTV Morning Live to talk about one of Scotland’s finest exports.

How to Achieve Your Financial Goals in 2022

Community Connection: Saving money and paying off debt have been among the top resolutions for Canadians for decades. Taz Rajan, community engagement partner at Bromwich and Smith, joined CTV Vancouver to share tips on achieving financial goals in 2022.

The Rise of Grey Area Drinking During the Pandemic

Community Connection: Grey area drinking is a term that has grown in popularity during the pandemic. Daniel Jordan, director of strategic development at Sunshine Coast Health Centre, joined CTV Morning Live to share what it means and how to address the issue.

Red wine is poured into a glass in this file photo. (Instants / Istock.com)


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