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Vancouver says rezoning applications for Broadway Plan 'significantly increased'


A memo from planning staff at the City of Vancouver says the volume of rezoning applications for the Broadway Plan has significantly increased.

Applications are up from 29 at the end of Q4 2023 to 46 at the end of Q1 2024, as per the report.

For context, an annual average of 76 rezoning applications were submitted across the entire city over the last five years, according to the document.

The Broadway Plan is one of the city’s most significant rezoning plans and required years of public consultation, but some residents are not keen on the developments being proposed in their neighbourhoods.

One application sign for an 18-storey mixed-use building at West 11th and Manitoba streets has been defaced with the word "Shame."

Bill Tielemen, a long-time opponent to the plan, said he doesn’t think high-rises belong on certain residential streets.

“Putting a 20-storey apartment building on a block which has single family housing or low rise housing really changes the whole look and feel of it,” said Tielemen.

That’s the point, according to Peter Waldkirch, the director of advocacy group Abundant Housing, who said the development on West 11th is an ideal location to build because it’s in a low density area near transit.

“We need to legalize more housing exactly on places like this on the side streets of the city, so renters can also enjoy our quiet neighbourhoods without having to live on these busy, polluted, arterial roads,” he said.

Waldkirch said while he empathizes with those who are hesitant to the proposed projects, he adds the status-quo isn’t working.

“It’s time that some change be welcomed in and while that can be scary for people, it’s how we’re going to build a better city,” he said. Top Stories

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