Firefighters are once again warning the public against cliff jumping in Lynn Canyon after being forced to rescue three teenagers Tuesday evening.

A passerby called 911 after seeing the teens stuck on a cliff under the suspension bridge, triggering a rescue effort that tied up fire crews for nearly an hour.

After being hiked out to safety, the teenagers didn’t sound like they had learned a lesson.

One teenager thanked firefighters, then laughed while adding he’ll be back to cliff jump again but “won’t have to be rescued.”

Acting Asst. Fire Chief David Franco of the District of North Vancouver Fire and Rescue said the teens didn’t seem so laid back during the rescue.

“It is frustrating,” Franco said. “They weren’t nonchalant down at the bottom of the canyon. They were a bit different down there.”

These types of rescues are all too common, Franco added. He urged swimmers to stay out of the canyon, especially when the water levels are as high as they were Tuesday.

Earlier this year, 17-year-old Cole Marsh of Port Coquitlam drowned after leaping from a cliff into the rushing waters of Lynn Creek.

Witnesses saw the youth clinging to a rock until rescuers arrived, only to lose strength and be swept away as crews tried to send him a floatation device.