VANCOUVER -- Al Liao is an accomplished badminton athlete who has been pro for the last 15 years.

One of his biggest athletic career highlights was being on the Olympic Taiwan national team in 2012.

Liao has a passion of sharing the sport with others. He has spent countless hours coaching badminton students around the globe.

Liao expressed that throughout his badminton career he had tremendous support from his family. He is extremely ambitious and aims to ignite passion, purpose and drive inside others.

On CTV Morning Live, Liao shared his latest venture: he has penned a new book called Mirror of Magico.

This new challenge came to life by transforming the lessons learned on the badminton court and transforming them into a tale of wonder and mystery.

The characters are found attending Omega Sports Academy and it is quickly discovered this is no regular school. The chlidren discover that it houses a magical lake and that is where their adventure begins.

Liao shared that he applied his same drive to be successful in sports as he did to complete the task of writing this fantasy novel.

Learn more about Al Liao and his new book, Mirror of Magico, by watching the full video from CTV Morning Live.