A cross-Canada tour by Prince William and Kate Middleton after their wedding will not include a stop in British Columbia.

The royal newlyweds will visit cities from Alberta to Prince Edward Island on their first official trip as a married couple.

The Prime Minister's Office confirms the lovebirds will arrive in Canada on June 30 and tour the country until July 8.

The official itinerary includes stops in Prince Edward Island, Ottawa, Alberta, the Northwest Territories and Quebec, where they will visit Montreal and Quebec City. A detailed itinerary will be released in the coming months, but Heritage Minister James Moore says the couple will celebrate Canada Day in Ottawa.

"Canada looks forward to welcoming the young couple this summer and providing them with all that our country has to offer -- including, of course, the special hospitality and warmth reserved for members of the Royal Family," Stephen Harper said in a statement.

Special commemorative Canadian stamps will be issued in their honour.

Harper invited the couple to Canada after they announced their engagement last November. The young couple will be married at London's Westminster Abbey on April 29.

Canadian taxpayers will foot the bill for the royal frolic, but Moore says a special contingency fund has been set aside as part of the heritage department's regular budget to host VIPs.

The couple has said they don't want an extravagant wedding, citing the current financial woes of Britain.  Moore says the Canadian government will reflect that desire.

"This will be a respectful visit. Respectful in every context: respectful of a young couple who has just been married, respectful of the heir to the throne, respectful of taxpayers and respectful of audiences who want to have access to show their appreciate and their best wishes for a newly married couple," he said.

Discussions are underway about what the government will give the couple as an official gift. They have asked for donations to charity.

William's last visit to Canada was in 1998, when he went skiing with his brother and father in Whistler. He and Charles were photographed wearing hats designed by Roots for the Canadian Olympic team.

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