Viral video star Johnny Canuck is back with a sequel aimed at mending the broken hearts of disappointed Vancouver hockey fans.

The character was first brought to life by Adam MacKay-Smith of Kamloops during the Stanley Cup run last spring, and fans loved how he Black-ened the Hawks, preyed on the Predators and endangered the Sharks.

The film has been seen by millions, and played on the big screen at Rogers Arena during home games. MacKay-Smith found himself signing autographs for mobs of fans and even fielding marriage proposals.

But the Canucks fell just short of ruining the Bruins last year, and MacKay-Smith's new Johnny Canuck video tries to soothe the souls of frustrated fans.

"After the loss, I could have taken it bad and lashed out at the world, but that's not who I am," the hatchet-wielding lumberjack says in the video.

"Because I'm Johnny Canuck, and I just had the best year of my life."

MacKay-Smith says he wanted to touch on the wounded feelings caused by last season's Game 7 loss.

"In the first video, I really wanted to touch on the physical side of the battle and this one is about the emotional aftermath of dealing with the loss," he told CTV News.

The latest video may be MacKay-Smith's last, unless the team decides to hire the burly superfan. Meanwhile, fans looking for a source of hope can go online.

"If I couldn't have perfection last year, this year I'll have redemption," Johnny Canuck says.