VANCOUVER -- To navigate the challenges of one of the busiest traffic corridors in the country, engineers plan to build vehicle decks to keep traffic moving along Broadway during construction of Vancouver's new subway line to Arbutus.

This means there will be no cut-and-cover like there was during construction of the Canada Line, which was devastating to many businesses along Cambie Street.

But it also means street parking along Broadway, from Main Street to Arbutus Street, will be reduced for the duration of the subway project.

Each deck will be about a block long, and built over the future locations of five new underground stations.

To do this, portions of Broadway will be reduced to three lanes while they’re installed. Once completed, two lanes in each direction will open, but there will be no street parking.

“There will be a number of traffic shifts in order to put all the pieces in place,” said Lisa Gow, executive project director of the Broadway Subway Project.

Engineers estimate each deck will take six to nine months to complete, and all five will be done by Summer 2022.

While officially bridges, they will be built at street level and will remain until construction is complete.

“It will be a different surface, it will be steel decking, but it won’t be elevated,” added Gow.

The City of Vancouver will install signage, and provide maps to help people find parking. At this point no additional off street parking is planned.

Construction of the Broadway Subway Project is expected to be complete by 2025, and will move passengers from the VCC-Clark SkyTrain Station to Arbutus in 11 minutes.