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B.C. weather: Sun in forecast after record-breaking low weekend temperatures

Vancouver is seen on a sunny day in 2023. (Shutterstock) Vancouver is seen on a sunny day in 2023. (Shutterstock)

Many parts of B.C. will see several days of sun this week after some regions experienced record-breaking low temperatures over the weekend.

Preliminary data from Environment and Climate Change Canada shows two communities broke their record for daily minimum temperatures on Sunday. In Bella Bella, it got as cool as 3.9 C, when the previous record for June 16, set in 2014, was 4 C. Meanwhile, in Trail, it got down to 4 C on Sunday. Previously, the record low for that day was 4.4 C set in 1954.

Nine other communities broke or tied their record for low daily maximum temperatures. Most of those records were broken in the Okanagan, though some fell in Interior communities.

The full list of low maximum temperature records broken or tied on Sunday according to Environment Canada's preliminary data follows:

  • Kamloops area: New low maximum of 15.1 C, old record of 15.4 C set in 1991
  • Kelowna area: New low maximum of 13.3 C, old record of 15 C set in 1906
  • Lytton area: New low maximum of 15.2 C, old record of 15.6 C set in 2014
  • Merritt area: New low maximum of 11.5 C, old record of 13 C set in 2014
  • Nakusp area: Tied its 1978 low maximum record of 14.5 C
  • Penticton area: New low maximum of 12.1 C, old record of 12.2 C set in 1939
  • Sparwood area: New low maximum of 9.9 C, old record of 10 C set in 2010
  • Summerland area: New low maximum of 13.3 C, old record of 15.5 C set in 1987

The federal weather agency says its temperature records have been "derived from a selection of historical stations in each geographic area that were active during the period of record," and notes that its list could contain unofficial information and doesn't constitute a final report.

Sun in forecast

Despite the cold weather over the weekend, many parts of the province are expected to warm up in the days ahead. Vancouver's high temperature on Sunday only reached 14.5 C, but by Thursday, it's predicted to get about 10 degrees warmer, according to ECCC.

Temperatures will slowly rise starting Monday, when Vancouver is predicted see a high of 18 C. Tuesday and Wednesday will see highs of 19 C and 21 C, respectively.

Elsewhere in the province, like Kelowna and Penticton, it could get as hot as 31 C by Saturday. Top Stories

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