The Vancouver inventors of a new denim pant hope that it will become to climbing what Lululemon is to yoga.

They are climbers and they invented a pant, they say, can be worn for exercise but retain its shape enough to wear out after.

“It looks exactly like a jean but feels like yoga pants,” says Boulder Denim co-founder Taz Barrett who tested the jeans for us on the rock climbing wall at The Hive North Shore. “With this I can flex as much as I want to,” Barrett added.

Barrett and his partner, Bradley Spencer, say the new jean is special because it has a 92 per cent stretch retainment which is 30 per cent better than the industry standard. 

The jeans, made of cotton, polyester and lycra, were invented in Vancouver and but are stitched using a secret weave to retain shape in a Montreal factory. 

Local highliner and daredevil Spencer Seabrooke also tested the denim while we were at the gym. 

“There was no resistance when I was taking my steps, ” Seabrooke said.

Barrett and Bradley launched a Kickstarter fundraising campaign to raise $15,000 by January 7th. They’ve already raised more than four times that amount in just the past few weeks.

“I’m really blown away with where were at right now,” says Barrett.

Climber Gavin Johnson of the Hive says fashion is the real motivation behind Boulder Denim.

“You look super fly and that’s really what’s important, ” Johnson told us, “The need for stylish pants that you could rock climb in, maybe wear to work or go to the bar afterwards.”

When did climbers become such fashionistas?

“I think we always have been. The clothing just hasn’t been there,” says Johnson.

The Boulder Denim jeans are expected to retail at $129 US and come in many different sizes. They are priced in US dollars because Kickstarter is predominately funded that way.