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30 neglected dachshunds seized from Okanagan breeder

This photo provided by the BC SPCA shows one of 30 dogs seized from a B.C. breeder. This photo provided by the BC SPCA shows one of 30 dogs seized from a B.C. breeder.

The BC SPCA has seized 30 dachshunds from a breeder in the Okanagan who was keeping them in crates on shelves in a squalid basement.

The dogs are between four months and five years old, according to the animal welfare charity, which says the pups are frightened and have never been socialized.

"When our animal protection officers arrived on site, the smell of ammonia permeated the house. They found that the dogs were primarily kept in a basement where urine was soaked into the wooden shelves holding dog crates” said Eileen Drever, senior officer of protection and stakeholder relations, ina news release. 

“Although they had occasional outside access, it was clear that these little ones spent most of their time without proper ventilation or comfort.”

The dogs are not currently available for adoption because they are being treated by a veterinarian for a host of issues including dental disease and the health impacts of poor hygiene.

This is the second time in 10 days that the BC SPCA has announced a significant seizure of mistreated animals from a breeder in the region.

Three dachshunds seized from a breeder are shown in this photo form the BC SPCA. A dachshund seized from a breeder is shown in this photo from the BC SPCA. Top Stories

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