New details are emerging about a woman found dead at her Burnaby home on Sunday.

Kimberly Hallgarth has already been linked to a former B.C. Lions player. Now, as police work to determine how she died, there are indications she was working as an escort.

Kimberly Hallgarth's death is still a mystery. But it's clear the 33 year-old had an impact. On a Facebook memorial site, she's remembered as a good friend, and a great mom.

Her mother Wendy Hallgarth says she was a sweetheart.

"She went to Vegas when she was 18, worked in the clubs down there as a hostess,'' Hallgarth said.

"She came here when she was expecting because she didn't want her daughter born down there."

Hallgarth's three-year-old daughter is now in the care of the ministry. She was out with a babysitter when her mother's body was found on Sunday night.

"It's just so hard to fathom that it could happen to her you know that she's gone?" her mother said. "Your kids aren't supposed to go before you do."

Hallgarth is linked with an assault trial involving former B.C. Lion Josh Boden.

Boden was also charged with theft and mischief. That's then the team cut him.

Hallgarth was called to testify at the trial last summer. But the charges were dropped when she couldn't recall key details. Boden is no longer involved in professional football in Canada.

RCMP Cpl. Dale Carr said an investigation is under way.

"We're going to absolutely talk to everybody, everybody that's linked to her in a past relationship, that's linked to her at any level we're going to want to speak to those individuals,'' said Carr.

A friend told CTV News that Hallgarth once owned a tanning salon in Vancouver. There are indications she was working in the escort industry before she died.

Hallgarth's home is still under police guard.

"An autopsy has been carried out. But if it's still a little uncertain, there may have to be a period we have to wait for a toxicology and a complete and thorough pathology report that can take a great deal of time,'' said Carr.

That may mean a longer wait for family and friends, before the mystery surrounding Hallgarth is solved.

With a report by CTV British Columbia's Maria Weisgarber.