VANCOUVER -- A group of B.C. musicians had the performance of a lifetime when a rock legend joined them on stage last weekend.

Kiss frontman Gene Simmons was spotted at the Alpine Café in Whistler, and was called up by the band.

Simmons accepted, and borrowed a bass guitar.

Keeping physically distanced from the others, he played with the band.

Simmons and his wife, Canadian actress and model Shannon Tweed, own a home in Whistler and vacation there frequently.

The star struck musicians said in posts on social media that the rocker was a good sport, and even left some money in a tip jar.

"We just all got – I'd call it like a sprinkling of fairy dust. To be able to stand next to Gene Simmons during this moment in time… it was just an incredible thing to be a part of," musician Monty Biggins told CTV News.

"Something with music, it can really bring amazing moment together."

The Kiss star apparently returned this weekend and played a second time.