VANCOUVER - There was a familiar face in the crowd at Rogers Arena Tuesday night.

Bill Murray was in the lower bowl when the Vancouver Canucks broke their losing streak during a home game against Nashville.

The Illinois-born actor was spotted in the stands wearing an HBC scarf and a Chicago Blackhawks shirt, holding receipts about the length of his arm for the 50/50 draw.

In a post in Instagram, the Canucks wrote that the "Groundhog Day" star was "more concerned about winning the 50/50 than the Canucks winning. Classic Bill Murray." 

It may not have been his top priority, but the Canucks did win – beating the Preds 5-3 thanks to two goals from 21-year-old birthday boy Elias Pettersson. 

Murray did not, though he was caught on camera checking his numbers when the 50/50 winner was announced. 

Murray's Blackhawks will take on Nashville on Saturday, after facing off against the Vegas Golden Knights on Wednesday.

The actor's in town filming a mini-series called "The Now," a comedy about suicide directed by the Farrelly Brothers. Murray worked with Bobby and Peter previously on the 1996 bowling flick "Kingpin."

Other celebrities have been spotted at Canucks games over the years, including B.C.-born actors Jacob Tremblay and Pamela Anderson.

Zac Efron went to a game in 2017, mascot Fin once "bit" Anne Heche's head, and Jason Momoa cheered for the team at a game against Arizona earlier this year.