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Surrey mayor waves white flag in long battle over city policing


Admitting she’s not happy about it and calling it an “NDP imposed” transition, Surrey Mayor Brenda Locke nevertheless announced she is giving up her long battle to keep the RCMP.

The mayor informed city council Monday night that Surrey is moving forward with what needs to be done to ensure residents are prioritized in the provincially legislated transition.

Locke made it clear she still believes Mounties are doing a good job, and that the switch to the Surrey Police Service would cost taxpayers more money.

“I understand that the opposition councillors do not believe the province should contribute to the exorbitant and generational costs for our residents, but our council majority believes the province must take the responsibility for the solicitor general’s decision,” she said, referring to Mike Farnworth.

The mayor said the city plans to review a report about the projected costs of the transition from last month's hearings in B.C. Supreme Court.

The court recently ruled that the provincial government had the authority to order Surrey to continue the transition away from the Mounties.

In a statement, Farnworth said he knows the people of Surrey want this transition to be over.

“There has always been a spot at the table for the City of Surrey and I am glad to have them join in completing this transition to the Surrey Police Service,” reads the statement.

“I look forward to working with all parties to ensure a successful, safe, and quick transition. We are all committed to ensuring safe and effective policing in Surrey and across the province so that when people call 911, help is on the way.”

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