Two young Prince Rupert, B.C., boys are in trouble with police after a violent fight was posted on YouTube.

The elementary school-aged children can be seen punching and kicking each other in the head and torso in the one-minute, 54-second long video, which was posted online on May 12.

When one boy's mom saw him covered with bruises, she called the local RCMP. Mounties are currently investigating the video and say criminal charges could be laid.

Some have speculated that the children are mimicking the popular mixed martial arts discipline.

Local MMA trainer Kelly McMahon disagrees, though he recognizes one move used in the footage.

"One kid got the other one in a position called the ‘full mount,' where he's basically sitting on his chest," he said. "That's about it."

McMahon instructed one of the boys in the video for about two weeks, but says he never took the sport very seriously.

A number of other fights between young boys, all filmed in Prince Rupert, have appeared on YouTube as well. Local RCMP have ordered at least one of them be removed so far.

McMahon insists MMA is not to blame for the videos, and that his students are hardworking and well-behaved.

"We're all pretty tight-knit. It's a small club and we're trying to teach kids something positive," he said. "My kids do not fight outside the club."