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Partiers leave an 'incredible' amount of trash on Vancouver beaches

Garbage is seen on a Vancouver beach. Garbage is seen on a Vancouver beach.

Frustrated residents of Vancouver’s West End helped city crews clean up city parks and beaches early Sunday morning after a large crowd left a huge mess behind.

Photos taken by angry onlookers and posted online showed discarded beer cans and bottles, food and beverage containers, empty cardboard containers and chip bags littered all over the beach.

“I was disappointed, disgusted,” a resident told CTV News.

The crowd was likely drawn to the beach by Saturday’s summer-like weather.

But neighbours complained it was a wild night with “shouting, yelling, fighting, noise until 1 a.m.”

In the statement to CTV News, the Vancouver Park Board said sanitation crews were out at daybreak Sunday “to return parks and beaches to a safe and hygienic standard for all users.”

“While we thank everyone who disposed of their garbage properly, we were really disappointed to see such an incredible amount of garbage including food, packaging and BBQ equipment left on the city's beautiful public spaces,” it read.

Extra bins have been added to popular sites and high-traffic locations will be monitored throughout the summer. Top Stories

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