A paraplegic dachshund featured in a Steele on Your Side investigation has been given a "fabulous new home" after his appearance on the show.

Pinky lives at SAINTS – Senior Animals in Need Society -- a sanctuary for old, sick and unwanted animals in Mission, east of Vancouver.

We first introduced you to owner Carol Hines and the SAINTS farm last month after a company failed to install much-needed security cameras in the barn.

After our story aired, a company offered to put in those cameras for free. And now there's even more good news.

Pinky, who uses a tiny wheelchair to get around, was also featured in the story. His elderly owner couldn't care for him anymore and gave him over to SAINTS.

It turns out that Pinky touched a couple of CTV viewers' hearts. They have a paralyzed dachshund themselves and fell in love with Pinky.

The couple went to SAINTS to meet the little guy in person on Wednesday, and decided to adopt.

Hines said she's overjoyed that Pinky has gone to his forever home.

"This is the best part of the whole camera fiasco. Pinky got to be on TV and he reached into the very soft hearts of his new family," Hine wrote in an email to Steele on Your Side.

Hine said there are still lots of great dogs at the farm who are looking for a forever home.

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SAINTS has had over 410 animals come through its doors since it opened in December 2004. Of those, 130 were adopted into new homes, 156 passed away at the facility "in loving care" and 121 still call the farm their home.

Currently the facility has 31 dogs, 39 cats, 13 rabbits, three sheep, three horses, one chicken, one rooster, four ducks, three pigs, three cows, three goats and a llama.

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