Vancouverites looking for a $100,000 in hidden treasure are growing frustrated.

It’s been nearly a week and so far its location remains a mystery.

Gold Hunt organizers secretly placed a chest of silver and gold somewhere in the city.

“Well, I’m bleeding and my hands are dirty, but this is fun,” said treasure hunter Michael Pawlett.

Similar contests where held in Alberta and their prizes were found a lot faster. Edmonton’s was discovered within 24 hours and Calgary’s took five days.

Would-be pirates who paid between $35 and $55 for a map and clues appear to be focusing their search around the Kerrisdale area.

“I think they made it harder on us, “ said Vancouver player Roxanne McDonald.

“I think that I need closure, that it has been found and the search is over,” said another player.

Whoever finds the chest first, wins it all. As a result, passion for the prize may have run a little high. Residents and even some competitors complained other participants were disrespectful of the area, trampling over flower beds and trespassing.

Gold Hunt spokesperson Chris Cromwell tells CTV News the company sent out tweets reminding players to follow the rules: No trespassing and no shovels.

He denied Vancouver’s search is harder than other cities, but Cromwell offered a clue about the focus on Kerrisdale:

“I would say zoom out a little from the area and look at the map," he said.