Vancouver-based social media giant HootSuite unveiled its new offices Thursday, complete with yoga studio, nap rooms and free wine and beer on tap on Fridays.

The dog-friendly, open concept space is in an old police building on East 8th Avenue in the Mount Pleasant neighbourhood. The $1-million renovation includes a 24-hour gym, yoga studio, log benches, pup tents for meeting spaces and picnic tables. The nap room is decorated with calming images and blankets so the company’s “owls” can take a quick power nap.

In Pictures: A photo tour of the HootSuite office

The company moved from its Railtown digs, which it opened in 2008, to make room for more staff.

HootSuite helps its six million users, including businesses and celebrities alike, manage and grow their social media platforms. The company has a staff of 300 and continues to grow, hiring ten new “owls” every week.

"We're looking for amazing people that want to do challenging things, whether that's technically from an engineering perspective, challenging things from a marketing or sales perspective, we're looking for people who are excited by doing big stuff," said Ryan Holmes, HootSuite CEO.

The company is boasting impressive results for its first quarter, with a 275 per cent increase in corporate sales in Europe, the Middle East and Asia and an impressive 900 per cent increase in international strategic sales to companies valued over $10 billion dollars.

If you're interested in applying at the company you can log onto Twitter and search #HootHire. HootSuite receives some unique resumes, like cake resumes, so you’ll have to think creatively to stand out.