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Hundreds flock to Vancouver coin swap for new black toonie


Hundreds of people flocked to a Vancouver coin and jewelry store Friday, for the chance to get a hold of the new black toonie made to honour the life of the late Queen Elizabeth II.

The line up outside of J&M Coin & Jewelry began well before the store opened, and eventually wrapped around the building.

“My father is in India, he’s a collector and he wanted the coin so bad,” a man named Ysh told CTV News outside the shop.

Ysh was among many people who were there simply for coin collecting purposes, but others were long-time Queen Elizabeth supporters.

“I loved her,” said a woman named Mary.

“She was a part of my life always, and she was a nice woman,” she continued.

The Royal Canadian Mint created the coin back in December, to pay tribute to the Queen’s historic 70-year reign.

“We introduced a black nickel technology to the outer ring, which represents an arm band representing her life,” said Robert Alain of the Royal Canadian Mint.

The RCM says $5.2 million has been made, 4.2 million of which has been released into the general circulation.

“I have the impression that many people who do find them maybe keep them,” said Alain.

“Hence why we're trying to get them into as many Canadian cities as possible to get them into people’s hands,” he continued.

While the coins are going an even toonie for a toonie at the swaps, some have been trying to cash out selling them in the secondary market

The coin exchanges are cash only and people are limited to two.

The swap will run until 5 p.m. Friday before resuming at 10 a.m. on Saturday. Top Stories

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