Hollyburn Properties is planning to evict dozens of tenants from its Emerald Terrace building in Vancouver's West End.  Yesterday 32 units were given notice of a possible eviction in September.  Critics accuse the property management company of ‘renoviction' -- evicting tenants to do repairs, then renting the units at higher prices.

Hollyburn says it is investing $2 million for things like plumbing, electrical and balcony upgrades. The company says it will help move the tenants to other Hollyburn properties that fit their budget and offer a 10 per cent discount on rent.

"We own the building, its a business model," Hollyburn's Allan Wasel told CTV News. "We are dedicated to working with every person young or old who is in that building."

Residents say they plan to fight the eviction. The hope is to duplicate the success of tenants at another Hollyburn property, Bay Tower. Several years ago, Bay Tower tenants took their fight to the Supreme Court and won.

Some tenants may not want to put up a fight.

"I'm going to look for another place to live," said tenant Margo Ewart. "I feel that it's time for me to move on. With all this commotion going on every month it's not going to stop."

The eviction notices came not long after Hollyburn made an offer to two Emerald Terrace tenants who took their fight public.

Hollyburn planned to evict Lynne Stevens--an 82-year-old who is fighting cancer--and Andrew Simmons from their suites. The property management company has offered to move them to smaller renovated suites in the building for the same rent.

With a report from CTV British Columbia's Norma Reid