Anyone who’s climbed the Grouse Grind can boast of conquering one of the 10 most treacherous hikes in the world, according to Outside Magazine

The American publication listed Metro Vancouver’s 2.9 kilometre trail among hikes such as Spain’s El Caminito del Ray, which runs along sheer cliffs 100 feet above ground and has been closed to the public due to crumbling pathways.

The magazine noted that three people have died on the Grind since 1999, and numerous hikers must be rescued from the trail each year.

“The short trail gains 2,800 feet in just 1.8 miles, including 2,830 stairs, making it one of the steepest trails anywhere,” the article reads. “The trail is so grisly it often takes 12 rescuers to get a hiker off the mountain.”

Officials estimate that more than 100,000 people hike the Grouse Grind every year.

The Metro Vancouver website warns that the hike is difficult, and only those in “excellent physical condition” should attempt it.

Anyone with health concerns such as high blood pressure, heart conditions or breathing problems are advised to stay away from the trail, which is not patrolled.