Jaws hit the floor at a swanky Vancouver restaurant Saturday night when a reservation booked under the name “Mr. Sanchez” was instead claimed by Hollywood mega-star George Clooney.

Patrick Rider, manager of Minami Restaurant in Yaletown, told CTV News the reservation came from staff at a high-end hotel in the city’s downtown core.

“They asked for a VIP table for a Mr. Sanchez and so we made the reservation, we told them we would do our best,” Rider said.

No tables had opened up by the time Clooney strolled in with a companion, but Rider said the Academy Award-winner graciously agreed to sit in the middle of the restaurant.

“We offered him actually a seat at our sushi bar, which he accepted,” he said.

The star dined on sashimi with one vodka martini for about an hour, obliging a handful of fans with photographs before heading out.

Rider said Clooney was without a doubt the biggest celebrity Minami has hosted.

“It’s a big feather in our cap, definitely.”

Clooney arrived in Vancouver last week after production on his new film “Tomorrowland” wrapped in the Okanagan and moved to the coast.

The Ocean’s Eleven star has since been spotted at various bars and restaurants. On Friday night, Clooney spoke with ecstatic fans at Joey Burrard, where Twitter user @Hamhuishipcheck snapped a sneaky photo of the star.


“He was super nice,” she later tweeted.

“Tomorrowland,” also starring Hugh Laurie, shot in the small community of Enderby over the summer and is expected to continue filming in B.C. until January.

The Disney film has a slated release date of Dec. 19, 2014.

With a report from CTV British Columbia’s Shannon Paterson