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Here's how high gas prices are predicted to get in Metro Vancouver this weekend


Gas prices are once again on the rise in the Lower Mainland.

Prices at many gas stations have leaped to 188.9 cents per litre, which is an increase of 16 cents since Wednesday.

Gas analyst Dan McTeague believes the price will rise even further on Saturday morning to 190.9—a number that the region hasn’t seen since early October.

“I think it’s a bit of a delayed effect of the Parkland Refinery which closed down almost three weeks ago,” said McTeague.

“We saw a spike and then it came down and nothing was wronged and energy traders didn’t really pay much attention to supply picture which continues to deteriorate on the U.S west coast.”

McTeague went on to say that refineries are going through seasonal maintenance which cause shutdowns for two or three weeks as they switch over to summer fuel blends.

This could have direct impact on fuel supply across the Pacific Northwest.

“This time last week the market in Washington State and Oregon was about 2.14 per gallon it’s now about 2.60 per gallon,” said McTeague on Friday morning.

McTeague predicts the Fraser Valley and parts of Vancouver Island will see price increases while the rest of the province remains stable.

He expects the prices on the South Coast will continue to fluctuate until the Burnaby refinery resumes operations. Top Stories

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