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EA Sports simulation predicts Vancouver over Boston in 2024 Stanley Cup final


If EA Sports' annual Stanley Cup playoffs simulation is correct, the Vancouver Canucks are about to exorcise a whole lot of demons.

The game developer's prediction has the Canucks becoming the first Canadian team to win the Stanley Cup since 1993, and doing so in cathartic fashion, defeating none other than the Boston Bruins in a rematch of the 2011 final.

EA's simulation has the Canucks sweeping the Nashville Predators in their first round series, which starts Sunday night.

The Canucks will defeat Connor McDavid and the Edmonton Oilers in six games in the second round, according to EA, followed by a seven-game series win against the Colorado Avalanche in the Western Conference final.

The Bruins are predicted to make the final after seven-game series wins against the Toronto Maple Leafs, the Tampa Bay Lightning and the New York Rangers, before falling to the Canucks in the final.

Both teams finished with 109 points in the regular season, but the Canucks had more regulation wins, meaning they had the better record and would host the deciding Game 7, just as they did in 2011.

That game famously ended with the Bruins hoisting the cup at Rogers Arena, after a series in which the home team had won every previous matchup.

The riot that followed caused millions of dollars of damage in downtown Vancouver and garnered international headlines. Hundreds of people were charged with crimes. Top Stories

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