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Driver who crashed into highway overpass fled scene on foot: North Vancouver RCMP


The driver of a truck that slammed into an overpass in North Vancouver – causing an overnight highway closure – fled the scene on foot, according to authorities.

The North Vancouver RCMP say they were called to the scene of the collision on Highway 1 at the Main Street overpass Tuesday evening around 7 p.m.

"Officers attended and quickly learned that the driver had fled the scene of the accident after hitting the overpass," a statement from Mounties issued Wednesday says.

"At this point, the driver is still outstanding and his identity remains unknown."

A violation ticket for failing to remain at the scene of an accident has, however, been issued to the owner of the truck.

The eastbound lanes of the highway were closed to traffic for eight hours due to concerns over the structural integrity of the overpass, causing significant delays, police added.

Photos posted online of the crash show an oversized cargo load nearly falling off the truck.

According to the Ministry of Transportation’s bridge strike data, there have been nine bridge strikes this year on the province's highways.

In July, the province said it was working with the trucking industry to review fines and penalties for these incidents.

Asked about the incident Wednesday, Transportation Minister Rob Fleming said the company's commercial licence has been revoked for its entire fleet, a move that he says will impact 21 vehicles while a safety audit is underway.

"We are implementing very strong deterrents for this to happen but nevertheless it did happen. I think I can speak for everybody in regards to how frustrating this is. There will probably be a criminal investigation into this incident as well because the driver fled the scene,” he said.

“Pulling a commercial licence really takes away the economic livelihood of drivers in a company, it’s the strongest penalty I can think of." Top Stories

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