VANCOUVER -- More than 100 tickets were handed out to people breaking COVID-19 rules in B.C. in recent weeks, the latest provincial data shows.

In a news release Tuesday, which also announced a renewed state of emergency in B.C., the province revealed another 148 tickets were handed out between April 10 and April 23. 

"So many British Columbians are doing their part, but there are too many who just aren’t getting the message," Solicitor General Mike Farnworth said in the news release.

Since the fines were first introduced on Aug. 21 last year, a total of 1,857 tickets have been issued in the province.

Of the 148 new tickets, the most were $230 fines given to individuals who didn't comply with public health orders. The 73 tickets in that category totalled $16,790. As well, 17 $575 tickets were given to individuals who promoted or attended a non-compliant event.

Another 56 $2,300 fines were issued to business owners or event organizers breaking the health order on gatherings and two were a $2,300 ticket given for breaking the food and liquor serving premises order.

"Every time someone thinks the public health orders don’t apply to them, or that they can bend the rules just this once, it sets us all back. We have orders in place to keep people safe and bring us through to the end of this pandemic," Farnworth said.

"Now we have new travel restrictions in place, and people need to follow these orders – not just because we will enforce these orders, but because it’s the right thing to do."

As well, during that two-week period, four more Quarantine Act violation tickets were issued, totalling $13,800. Since the pandemic began, 138 of those tickets have been handed out across the province.

A new public health order prohibiting non-essential travel outside specific regions in B.C. was introduced on April 23. Anyone violating that order can be ticketed $575. Data on how many of those tickets have so far been handed out hasn't been released, but B.C.'s premier said Tuesday details on enforcement are still being worked out. 

The current public health order limiting indoor social gatherings remains in place in B.C. Groups of up to 10 people are allowed to gather but only outdoors. Indoor dining at restaurants is prohibited until after the May long weekend, as is group adult fitness classes.