The University of Victoria has temporarily halted its cull of campus rabbits after receiving an injunction from the B.C. Supreme Court.

The injunction was served by activist Roslyn Cassells, who had petitioned the court for time to get the proper permits for sanctuaries to hold some of the school's 1,400 feral rabbits.

The school has declined to comment on the court action, but says that it is working with community groups hoping to relocate the rabbits.

In June, the school announced that it would designate a rabbit-free zone in the area outside of Ring Road, where rabbits would be trapped and euthanized or sterilized.

The area inside Ring Road was to a "rabbit control" area, divided into four quadrants which would each support about 50 animals. The school said it would likely have to cull rabbits living inside that zone as well.

The university has said that it decided to take such drastic measures after sterilization and public education failed.

The school's famous rabbits have dug up gardens on campus and created holes in sports fields.