It’s arguably the most exciting thing to come for selfies, since the Oxford dictionary made it word of the year in 2013. A local coffee shop is taking the popular photos and creating latte art. That’s right, you can literally drink your face off at Taste and Circle in Gastown.

Before ordering your coffee, customers are invited to take a picture on the shop's iPad and send it to the specialized coffee machine, which then uses coffee extract to replicate the image into the milk foam.  You can also email your favourite photo.

“That’s fantastic,” said one customer as she gazed at her foam art. “Just incredible.”

“We actually print any picture that you want,” explained Anya Ryan of Taste and Circle, “Or even words, we can print it right into the foam.”

The foam art is offered for free with the hopes that people will post their photos and create buzz for the coffee shop that just opened this spring.

"They can say, ‘Look, I was on the coffee. This is me. This is my morning routine. I drink a cup of me,’” laughs Ryan.

The owner of the coffee shop came up with the idea after seeing it in Japan. The staff says it’s the first of its kind in Vancouver.

The lattes sell for about $4.50.