The B.C. government will make changes to the controversial harmonized sales tax by the end of this month, says Premier Christy Clark.

The changes are bold, smart and focus on families, she said Saturday during a speech to delegates at a Liberal party convention.

"So, stay tuned -- change is coming to the HST and it is coming before the end of the month," said Clark, who did not provide any details.

"We are looking at the HST through a family lens," she said. "The proof will be in the pudding in terms of how we change the HST to reduce its impact on families."

Clark said she's concerned the HST adds to the financial squeeze families are already facing.

Throughout the weekend convention, delegates speaking at several forums said the 12 per cent levy that combines the PST and the GST is the right tax for the province, but British Columbians need to know more about it.

Last week, the province began a print, TV and online ad campaign about the HST, and B.C. residents will vote on it in a referendum in June.

Clark also announced an election readiness team, but did not shed any new light on speculation that she is preparing to call an early provincial election.

"Each and every person in this room has to be part of our election readiness team because the NDP is hungry and ready to fight to get back into power."