NDP leader Carole James says Premier Campbell's appointment of Kevin Falcon as health minister is a sign the Liberals plan to cut health spending.

She says Falcon represent the extreme side of the Liberals and his promotion shows that patient care will suffer and other radical cuts may be coming to education and public safety.

James says Campbell promised during the election campaign to hold the line on the deficit and to protect health care and education.

But she says now it appears those promises were bogus, the deficit is much higher and health budget shortfalls are threatening basic patient care.

Campbell hinted earlier this week that the government might not be able to keep the deficit at $495  million dollars, and promised a new budget on September 1st.

But James says Campbell should table an economic update now.

She's also attacking Campbell for enlarging his cabinet, saying adding ministers when British Columbians are tightening their belts shows the government really doesn't understand what people are going through.