A B.C. man has been sentenced to 12 years in prison for repeatedly raping his live-in girlfriend’s two-year-old daughter and filming the attacks.

The young victim viewed her attacker as a father figure and referred to him as “daddy,” Coquitlam provincial court Judge Roger Cutler wrote in his July 10 decision.

“The offender does not seem to be able to grasp that his actions were in fact a betrayal of the victim and the unconditional trust she placed in him,” Cutler said.

“The long term psychological and emotional harm to the victim is incalculable.”

The pedophile, who is not named in the decision, began dating the toddler’s mom in Aug. 2011, when he was 27 years old.

He moved in a few months later, and began sexually touching the victim shortly after. The attacks went on for a year, and ceased for only a brief period when he was worried about being discovered by the little girl’s daycare provider or biological father.

Cutler wrote that the man had genital warts, which he transmitted to the two-year-old.

Police who searched the couple’s home found cell phones, computers and other digital storage devices containing 777 pictures and 72 videos of child pornography.

Many of the graphic videos were home movies he filmed with his girlfriend’s daughter.

Cutler wrote that a psychological assessment added a shocking new layer to the case, as the pedophile was revealed to be completely unrepentant about his crimes.

“The offender was adamant that he disapproves of the social views and laws prohibiting sex with children and that he views such a relationship as the purest form of love,” Cutler said.

“The offender demonstrated no sense of guilt, shame, regret or remorse for his behaviour. He acknowledged no victim impact and demonstrated no victim empathy.”

In one interview, the man stated that he doesn’t believe he can be rehabilitated, and will re-offend if given the opportunity.

He was sentenced to 10 years for the sex assaults and two more for possession of child pornography, but credited a little over a year for time already served in custody.

On top of his sentence, the man has been given a lifelong ban on visiting parks, pools, daycares, schools or anywhere children under the age of 16 may be present.