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B.C. cafe owner alleges landlord offered rent reduction for sexual relationship


A café owner from B.C.'s Lower Mainland has filed a human rights complaint alleging her former landlord tried to pressure her into having a sexual relationship in exchange for reduced rent.

Jerrica Hacket is the owner of Good Wolf Café, which was operating in Port Coquitlam for two years.

When she went to renew her lease last fall, Hacket alleges she received a shocking offer from her 80-year-old landlord.

“He made a proposition that he would reduce my rent if I got naked in front of him twice a month,” Hacket told CTV News.

The café owner said she was shocked by the proposal and did not provide an answer, scared of the ramifications of her response.

Afterwards she began recording her interactions with the landlord.

She posted video on social media of one such interaction – distorting the landlord’s voice and covering his face – in which she was allegedly offered $200 "every time" she agreed to disrobe. CTV News has watched the unedited, extended version of the recording.

“If I stayed, he’s in a position of power over me and I don’t know if he’ll unexpectedly terminate the lease or make me uncomfortable every day,” Hacket said.

She ultimately decided to close her shop.

On Wednesday, Hacket's lawyer filed a complaint with the B.C. Human Rights Tribunal. A redacted version was provided to CTV News, with the landlord's name and address removed.

The claim alleges the landlord proposed that Hacket “go back to his office with him for drinks, take her clothes off, and show him her body."

"He said nice legs made him happy and it would make him happy to see her body, touch her legs and touch her bum," it reads. “The harassment created a hostile and offensive environment for her as a female business owner/tenant."

Hacket’s lawyer Jay Spiro said the landlord has been “unofficially” notified of the complaint through email. The tribunal is expected to send an official copy of the complaint to the respondent in the coming days.

The claim is seeking compensation from the landlord for Hacket’s alleged loss of income, expenses she incurred closing and reopening her café, and injury to her dignity.

CTV News tried multiple times to reach the landlord by calling and showing up at his house. All attempts were unsuccessful.

Hacket has already secured a new location to reopen her café but said it will take time as the space does not yet have a working kitchen.

She hopes by sharing her story, others who’ve rented from the landlord will feel empowered to come forward.

“As soon as it occurred to me that there might have been other people who were impacted, I knew I was going to do something,” she said. “I want to see accountability and want to make sure it never happens again." Top Stories

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