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Arrests made after property crime incidents in Fort Nelson amid evacuation orders: RCMP


As thousands of residents in the Fort Nelson area are under evacuation order, local Mounties say some arrests have been made following incidents of property crime.

Mounties shared few details about the incidents, but said officers are still in the area supporting emergency operations and "to address policing requirements."

Police said the reports of property crime are "limited" and investigations into the incidents "remain active and ongoing."

"It is important to remember that our primary responsibilities are to keep the public safe and uphold the law," a statement from the RCMP sent to CTV News Vancouver said. "We will take all necessary steps to mitigate conflicts that pose a real threat to the safety and security of officers, the public and property. Criminal activity will not be tolerated in any area."

Police encouraged anyone with surveillance video of incidents to report it, "rather than just share it on social media."

The entire town of Fort Nelson, Fort Nelson First Nation and some other nearby properties have been placed under evacuation order. An estimated 50 people have stayed behind in the community, Northern Rockies Regional Municipality Mayor Rob Fraser said.

Fraser said officials aren't too concerned about people who are well aware of the wildfire threat and are staying to maintain property and livestock.

"The scary ones are the ones that are here for nefarious reasons," Fraser told CTV News Vancouver "You know, they're here because they know that people are gone, they know what times the RCMP are going to be short-staffed or out of the community and they're going to be doing things that they shouldn't be doing."

Fraser said he patrolled the community until about 2 a.m. Tuesday morning.

"Last night was OK," he said. "We didn't have any vandalism that I saw."

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