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$9.3M Whistler condo sale breaks real estate record, company says


A luxury condo in Whistler, B.C., has just sold for $9.3 million, reportedly breaking a real estate record for the resort community.

John Ryan of Whistler Real Estate Company announced the sale of the 3.5-bedroom, four-bathroom corner unit, located in the private residence area of the Four Seasons resort, as the highest-priced condo ever sold in Whistler.

At $3,677 per square foot, the sale also marked the third-highest price per square foot in the community's “overall residential real estate history,” according to a news release from the Realtor.

“Very significant sale in what we think is maybe trying economic times,” Ryan said in a video announcing the transaction. “When you have something special, there’s still people there that will pay top dollar.”

The website of the Four Seasons Private Residence promises buyers a “lifestyle for the privileged few.”

“From the ski concierge ensuring you make the most of each minute on the trails, to the dinner prepared and served in the comfort of your home by our resident chef, unparalleled service awaits you at this exclusive resort community,” it reads.

The property also offers a health club, outdoor pool and hot tubs.

Ryan said he has been involved with 96 of 105 real estate deals at the property since Four Seasons initially began offering private homes.

“The Four Seasons Private Residence really has no equal in Whistler and definitely in Canadian ski resorts,” Ryan said. “There really isn’t a close second.”

According to the Realtor, Whistler has become "increasingly popular" with international buyers, in part because it is exempt from Canada's foreign buyer ban and B.C.'s speculation and vacancy tax.

He noted a home comparable to the record-setting Whistler condo was sold in Vail, Colorado for around $14.1 million last August.

The same month, another Whistler real estate record was broken with the sale of a $32 million mansion. That transaction shattered the previous high by nearly $10 million. Top Stories

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